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August 25, 2013
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  Today was just a normal day as usual. But for you, today was very special. You woke up cheerful as ever delighted that today was your birthday. You ran downstairs to make yourself some breakfast. Every year since you've moved to Domino city, your best friends, Yami, Mariku, and Bakura, would always throw you a huge party for your birthday. You would always get mad at them for wasting so much money, but you forgave them later on when they gave you the puppy dog eyes.

   It might sound weird how those three get along, but they actually have a lot in common. So they don't bicker as much when they're left alone in a room together. I guess that's why all three have become best friends that always do the craziest of things. But you kind of liked that about them. And over time you began to grow feelings for all three but never actually realized it.

   So you sat at your table finishing the rest of your coffee, until you heard a loud bang on the door.

   'BANG!' 'BANG!'

   You literally almost dropped your cup. But you pretty much knew who it was when you heard the sounds of familiar voices.

   "You bloody idiot! You didn't have to knock so loudly! What if she was still bloody asleep!"

   "Oh will you just shut that stupid British mouth of yours for one second! I didn't knock that loud!"

   "Mariku has a point Bakura. No need to get all fussy about it."

   "Will both of you shut up! I bet _____ can already here both of your bloody annoying voices."

   "Well at least I have a normal voice instead of a stupid British one!"

   "Why you bloody wanker! What's that supposed to mean!"

   "For the name of Ra! Will you two just stop fighting already!"

   "Pfft! He started it."

   You were listening to their little fight for a while, laughing at their conversation. But you knew you had to open the door at some point. So you got up from your table and walked toward the door. So slowly, you grabbed the doorknob and opened it. Of course, the next thing you know, you were on the ground being hugged by Mariku. And since this wasn't the first hug Mariku has ever given too you, you knew how dangerous they were. So you tried squirming out of his grasp.

   But it was no use since he had a strong grip. So Yami and Bakura began to pull him off of you.

   "Mariku! Let go before you stab her again with your millennium rod!"

   "Yes you moron! Remember what happened last time when you hugged ____!"

   Mariku just glared at the both of them, but soon let go of you. You quickly stood up gasping for air. Yami helped you stand and escorted you to your couch. You sat down and he sat down beside you. You thanked him for the help and soon noticed Bakura and Mariku fighting again.

   "When will they ever learn to get along?"

   "Who knows, maybe years. Besides, Mariku did send Bakura to the shadow realm one time and it really angered him, a lot."

   You just started laughing at the thought.

   "So Yami, I suppose all three of you are here to wish me a happy birthday?"

   "Oh yes! I almost forgot! Bakura, Mariku! Stop fighting for a sec and try to remember why we're here!"

   Both boys stopped fighting and thought for a moment. It only took a few seconds until they realized what they came here for.

   "Oh yeah! I remember now! Sorry ______, bunny ears over here was distracting me."

   "Yes, I remember too. And if you ever call me bunny ears again I'll break you in half you bloody pineapple!"

   "Well ______, you should get dressed. We're going to take you somewhere special today."

   You nodded and ran upstairs. You wondered where the three would be taking you as you quickly changed into more suitable clothes. After you finished, you dashed downstairs only to see the three were already outside waiting.

   "Come on _____! If you don't hurry, we'll have to leave you!"

   "I'm coming! I'm coming!"

   You raced through the door and got inside Mariku's car. And of course, you sat in the back seat next to Bakura. The trip was pretty silent for all of you, and that made you suspicious. They must be hiding something. They're never this quiet.

   Then Mariku entered the freeway and drove for about 20 minutes. It wasn't long until you knew where you were headed. As Mariku was driving through the freeway, he passed a sign that you just happened to have read.

      3 exits away

   You covered your mouth in shock. In reality, you've never gone to Disney Land before. You were always tempted to go, but you never had the money. And as it turns out, your three best friends are taking you for the first time on your birthday. You could literally jump up for joy.

   "So, I see you found out _____. We tried to keep it a secret, but I guess it's no use, huh?"

   "Oh my god! Are you kidding! You're taking me to the happiest place in the world for heaven's sake! This is the best birthday ever!"

   "I'm glad to here that ______, but that's not the real surprise yet."

   "Huh? It isn't? Then what is the surprise?"

   "Oh you'll find out soon enough."

   So once you four made it to Disney Land, you were going crazy. You practically rode every ride in the park. Not to mention you bought a hat and some cotton candy. Then of course it was followed by face painting and balloons. But you weren't the only one who was plastered with all kinds of crazy things.

   Bakura also had his face painted with a cute little bunny on his cheek. Mariku had a puppy on his cheek too. Both boys made a bet with each other. 'Who ever lasts with these stupid designs longer gets twenty bucks!' But Yami got a design of a little bird on his forehead for the hell of it. So, he didn't really mind.

   All three of you stayed in the amusement park until about 8:30. By then, you've already rode every ride in the park, if that's really possible. And, you got bored.

   "Can leave now guys? We've already rode everything here. I'm bored."

   "Well I suppose now's the time for the surprise, right guys?"

   "Yes, I believe so, right Mariku?"

   "Yup! Perfect timing actually. _____, look in the sky."

   Confused, you looked up at the dark sky. After a few seconds, you heard booms coming from all sides. Then, the sky you still stared at burst into an explosion of colors.

   "Fireworks... for me?"

   You looked at the three in disbelief. But you were interrupted when everyone around you,even the people you didn't know, began to sing Happy Birthday to you.

   "Surprised yet ____?"

   "Oh my god, how could you three... this is just..."


   "Yes! Yes it is! Nobody has ever done this for me before!"

   "Well _____, look up at the sky again."

   And so you did. You looked up at the sky once more, when you saw something that caught your eye. You looked straight above you and saw a massive display of fireworks that slowly shaped into letters. And those letters were...
  WE LOVE YOU ______!

   You immediately turned to the three as tears began to form under your eyes. Mariku, Bakura, and Yami only smiled at you. And all three spoke the same words to you.

   "______, we all love you."

   You began crying after their confession. Then all three began to panic.

   "Oh no! ____, are you okay! Umm, you can always pretend that this never happened!"

   "Bloody hell! I knew this would happen! I told you it was to early to tell her Yami!"

   "Sorry! I didn't know this would happen!"

   And so, the three started fighting. But slowly, your crying, turned into laughing. All three boys would always amuse you when they began fighting. So you couldn't help but laugh. Then, all of them stopped and looked at you baffled.

   "Uh, _____? Are you-"

   "HAHAHAHA! You three always know how to cheer me up, don't you!"

   You tackled all three to the floor and hugged them. But they still didn't know what was going on.

   "Um _____, does this mean you feel the same way?"

   "Of course I do! What else would it mean! Mariku, Bakura, Yami, I have always loved you guys!"


   Then, all of a sudden, Mariku stood up in front all of you.

   "This calls for a group hug!"

   And of course, after you three heard those words, you began to run for it.

   "Come back here guys!"

   "Never in your bloody dreams Mariku!"

   "Sorry the day had to end like this _____."

   "Are you kidding? This is the best birthday ever!"
a request :P hope you like it :D
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thatoneemoprincesss Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2014  Student Artist
   "This calls for a group hug!"

   And of course, after you three heard those words, you began to run for it.

   "Come back here guys!"

   "Never in your bloody dreams Mariku!"

   "Sorry the day had to end like this _____."

   "Are you kidding? This is the best birthday ever!"

Mariku's hugs be afraid be very afraid okay now that that's out of the way I love this
SpiritReaper07 Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
thanks :3
thatoneemoprincesss Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2014  Student Artist
Your welcome
Isamogoni Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
awe, that's so cute. <3
SnowyIceCrystal248 Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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SpiritReaper07 Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
i cant find it anymore :P
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